M 6.2 Soundcloud, you’re doing it right

M6.2 Creative Assignment Slideshare link: http://www.slideshare.net/rv_171/m6-creative-slideshare-assignment

(Side note: for Slide 4, I embedded the link in powerpoint correctly, but the video does not seem to work now that it has been uploaded to Slideshare. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBhBbxm4nak&feature=kp

I included the video to give you a glimpse of who DJ Fedde Le Grand is, and his sound.)


The online world provides an unlimited amount of shelf space for music. Within recent years, we’ve moved away from relying on tangible products to convey sound/entertainment (i.e. cassettes, CDs, DVDs) to digital. One can simply go to Google search an artist/band of interest, and within a matter of seconds be presented with thousands of music results based on the search! It’s simple:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 11.34.40 PM

I’m the kind of girl that listens to Electronic Dance Music (EDM). I have veered away from bands and artists over the years, and solely listen to DJ’s (unless of course I’m in the car for a short ride… then the radio will do). Anyway, I’m a big fan of DJ “Fedde le Grand.” If you type in his name, several pages come up with sites I’m able to, to tune into and enjoy.

Most of the results are audio/video-streaming sites. Streaming is becoming quite popular in the way we consume music. Less people are downloading, more people are streaming. Individuals want their music and they want it now… streaming fulfills this idea. We no longer have to copy URL’s, or wait for downloads to finish. We now just have to press “Play” to tune in.

According to the article, “streaming combines all the best radio with all the best of a personalized library kept on a computer or mobile device” (Edmondson, 2013). I would definitely agree with this statement as streaming sites continue to add features that benefit listeners. On YouTube, you are now able to do so much more than just watch videos. You can track the clips you’ve watched, “Follow” user pages, “Like” videos, and search just about anything.

I have been an avid fan of streaming music since YouTube’s inception. After exploring several different online spaces, my favourite has ought to be Soundcloud. I registered to Soundcloud just a few years ago, and wow did it ever open my eyes to music I never even knew existed. I immediately began to “Follow” some of my favourite artists and sounds. Soundcloud showed me new releases posted directly from the artists themselves. This is how I knew I was getting a sneak peak at the latest and greatest.

Soundcloud also made it easy to post songs on social media sites/share them with my friends. Despite EDM being my favourite type of music, I tend to listen to a little bit of everything. My friends often refer to me for music advice, so having the option of posting my music live is very convenient.

 As streaming music continues to get more popular, a downfall comes to mind: people are going to stop buying music altogether. As the article states, “Music steaming increased a full 24% from 2012 to 2013, while downloaded sales decreased by 4.6%” (Edmondson, 2013). Artists are going to have to format their music in a different way to appeal to consumers…no more of this $0.99 per track nonsense. The big media corporations will always have to purchase music and obey piracy laws, so the recording industry will always be taking in some sort of money, despite consumer decisions.

I’m excited to see what the future of music has to offer our little ears. As we continue to move into the digital age, music is widely available and easily accessible. Individuals are beginning to catch onto the habit of streaming their music rather than purchasing/downloading it. Now streaming sites encourage users to stay active by creating their own profiles, and following artists/others that share the same interests. All in all it is an interesting concept. I no longer care to have the most songs in my iTunes library. My biggest concern is the streaming sound quality, and so far that hasn’t let me down, so I’ll continue with my ways. Op, my Soundcloud set just ended. Perfect timing to switch tracks and end this blog. TA-TA!

– Riah

Edmondson, J. (2013, Dec. 2). How social media and streaming have influenced the music industry. Socialnomics. Retrieved from: http://www.socialnomics.net/2013/12/02/how-social-media-and-streaming-have-influenced-the-music-industry/


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