Hello GetGlue! It was very nice getting to know you over the past two weeks.
From the minute I signed on, I was intrigued by the program. I had never heard of GetGlue before, so I browsed the site for a few hours to get a feel for it. At first I thought the site was just about ‘liking’ different pages and reading others comments. Little did I know how much more GetGlue had to offer. So I did a little research via Google and Facebook to see exactly what the site allowed me to do. Soon enough I found myself  interacting with the members of the site, streaming television shows, and checking in more than once a day. I’ve even gotten some of my friends onto the GetGlue bandwagon. It’s a learning experience for all of us!

I have checked into GetGlue a total of 7 times, and look forwarding to increasing that number in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.59.26 PM

On top of that I have rated 22 shows, 9 movies, and 2 sports. My ‘recommended’ lists are now much longer than when I first started, so I’m being introduced to more shows. If I find some extra time in between classes Ill be sure to try a new season or two.

I really enjoyed the idea of achieving ‘stickers’ for checking-in to pages on GetGlue. So far I have 3 stickers:

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 8.22.37 PM

I’m pretty proud of the couch potato sticker. I thought it was comical. Haha. I think I earned it the time I watched Modern Family and Big Bang back to back.

Stickers add fun to the GetGlue experience. They motivate you to return to the site and stream/browse more music, shows, and sports. I didn’t realize ‘the big deal’ of the stickers until I liked GetGlue’s Facebook Page. Recently they mentioned some new contest involving the check-ins and stickers. Can’t say I’m much of an advanced GetGlue user, yet, so I’ll maybe wait for the next one. If you want to check it out visit: http://on.fb.me/1goiXYg
(Woo! My first Bitly link ^)

One of the main things I disliked about GetGlue was the layout. I found it quite complicated to use, especially when first signing in. I could have used a website tutorial, but I couldn’t seem to find one. So other than searching around a bit, I basically clicked my way around to see what tabs took me where, and how to add to my profile. Not only that, I found GetGlue to be very cluttered (especially on the newsfeed). The site is filled with text, and not very organized. I like the timeline feel, but there’s simply just TOO MUCH going on. My eyes have a hard time focusing. So unless I know exactly what I want to type in the search tab, I feel a little lost. Now that I have checked in several times, I can more easily navigate my way around.

GetGlue forms a sense of community among its members in many ways. The fact that you can share what you’re doing, see what your friend/followers are up to, and comment as you please gives the site that interactive/social media feel. Every time you check into a page (whether that be a show, sport, or movie), you are connected with other individuals that share the same interests as you. Personally, I love hearing other people’s opinions, and it felt really good when others commented on/like my posts. GetGlue makes it easy for me to share the shows I love with others, and learn about shows I may also enjoy because of what I already watch.

I am very impressed with GetGlue and can’t wait to continue to use it. I hope to attain more followers and use it to stay up to date with the latest shows, sports, and movies. I was surprised at the wide selection GetGlue had, and how often it updates. I’m guilty of streaming/downloading television shows ‘illegally’ online, but now I don’t have too. GetGlue has almost every show I watch on the regular, and they load almost instantly. This is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this program, and I plan to pass it along to my friends to enjoy.

Get at my GetGlue!http://getglue.com/riahvriens


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