M3.2 Check out my Pinterest if you dare

Oh, Pinterest where to even start. When the site was created in 2010 almost all of my girlfriends immediately jumped onto their computers to sign up and start pinning. Me, on the other hand refused to believe all the DIY and food recipes available on Pinterest actually worked, therefore I avoided making an account until this assignment. With this Module I actually learned that Pinterest is more than just pages upon pages of pictures and words. There are boards which organize pins into categories, and if you click on the pins, they bring you to the actual site the information was retrieved from. So what I’m trying to get at is this assignment really opened my eyes to what Pinterest has to offer, and I’m really excited to keep working with it beyond my “Information Age” board.

The pins I chose were mainly from Google images or other Pintrest users. I found re-pinning to be an easy process, as well as adding captions. Most of my pins compare the older times to what our society has become. Technology advances has altered our society in countless ways. The Internet, cell phones, tablets, and other devices all us to all stay connected and know what everyone’s up too. But have we gone too far? One of my favourite pins was “In case of a fire, exit BEFORE tweeting about it.” I thought this was interesting because normally when a tragedy such as a fire happens, we run to our devices to tell the world. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a young adult was to risk their lives to tweet about something. Ridiculous I tell you!

I’m super excited for you to check out my Pinterest!! Hopefully you’re able to learn a bit about what it means to live in the information age, and also have a chuckle or two.

Until next time…
Riah xo

Pinterest Creative Assignment: http://www.pinterest.com/riahvriens/what-does-it-mean/


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