Information has become an essential part of our society. Since computers and the Internet were created, the availability of this information has increased significantly. Whether the information is considered credible or not is up to the reader.

The world is now overflowing with information. Anyone with a cell phone or Internet access can now easily post content online with just a few clicks.  This is the information age. Before these media outlets were introduced, research would have taken hours to conduct; but now individuals can search Google and be presented with thousands of pages of results instantly.  Searching is no longer a timely process in the information age.

The post-industrial society relates to the late 20th century when machines and inventions reduced the need for human labour, and technology began to take-over. Technology made the process of making goods cheaper and more efficient. Not only that, it changed how we work, and the way we communicate with one another. For instance, it is now possible for individuals to converse with co-workers, complete tasks, and attend virtual meetings without leaving home!

As technology continues to accelerate, it has the ability to promote a more collaborative democracy where governments and citizens work together.  This has a huge impact on the political economy and how it operates. The government is able to alter the way it communicates to citizens by using new technologies and media forms. Creating two-way communication and inviting feedback allows citizens to feel valued. It also allows the government to stay aware of public needs and concerns. If anything, I would say technology has a positive impact on the political economy, and the potential to make our society more participative.

ICT stands for Information, Communication, and Technology. A company who uses these effectively will hold power over those that don’t. For example, if a company has a piece of information no one else has , it is able to use that to its advantage. Like when “Siri” became a new feature for the Apple iPhone, no other phone had voice-activation controls. This innovation allowed Apple to hold one of the highest positions in the smartphone market. On top of that, the iPhone was advertised in a creative manner, and is known to be made up of top-notch technologies.  ICT is a powerful thing and can give a company either lots of positive control, or negative. For example, the negative publicity of Rob Ford we all can’t avoid to NOT see shows how ICT can be used in negative ways to attain control.

Just a quick little remark I learned from this entry: Stay smart and use credible sources when attaining information. Don’t get overwhelmed, try your best to stay up to date, and you will see success! 🙂


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